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What is Big Star?

Initially established as a grocery store in 1996, Big Star has evolved into one of Seattle's best selections for imported beers and microbrews! Big Star Beer market carries all kinds of beers, ciders, even seasonal drinks. This is your one stop shop for expanding your beer appetites!

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Thanks for visiting! This site is a work in progress with many features and pages yet to be included. In the meantime, come visit our store!

Seasonal Exclusives: Fall and Winter

Who runs this beerch?

Big Star was originally established as a grocery store in 1996. With the popular demand for beer, this family owned grocery store evolved into a specialty beer store. Big Star is independently operated by Myle Chau.

Contact Information

  • E-mail: BigStarBeers@gmail.com
  • Work Phone: (206)729-0797

Who made this website?

ME. Who? Andy Huynh. As a 20 year old, junior at the University of Washington and amateur in programming and web developing, I hope to bring plenty of features and improvements to this website to support this independent business! Some experience includes: CSE142, CSE143, CSE1154, INFO200 and INFO343.

Contact Information

  • E-mail: andyhuynh206@gmail.com